Sep 14, 2022

React.JS vs Vue.JS Which FRAMEWORK to choose?

The two most popular front-end frameworks
in the custom software product development industry right now are: Vue.JS and
React. The developer community has been using and recommending them for the
past few years.

A bit about React.JS and Vue.JS

Facebook (Now Meta) created React.JS as an open-source framework to create dynamic components for its web applications. As a result of its easy-to-use interface and ability to build productive applications, the framework gained a great deal of popularity.  With Facebook's long-term support and better stability, React should continue to advance.

Vue.JS was created by Evan You, an employee of Google, who developed it to improve front-end app development. So, he combined Angular, Ember, and React and built Vue.JS so that software development could be swifter and more efficient. Vue.js Core Team (including Evan You) now maintains Vue.JS and further advances it.

Common factors for both

Virtual DOM

Both frameworks share this feature, which makes them extremely useful.A virtual DOM is a programming concept in which the UI is stored in memory and is synchronised with the real DOM to quickly implement changes.

Lightweight Frameworks

Component-based architecture makes both frameworks extremely lightweight. React.JS is heavier than Vue.JS because of its simplicity.

Large Community Support

Using either of these frameworks has the advantage of supporting extensive libraries and tools. You can extract any kind of code with these open-source libraries.

What separates these two?

The approach React primarily focuses on is building reusable UI components, whereas Vue.JS endows developers with effective front-end tools with which to build the app design. 


•           Mostly used for web-based applications 

•             Components can be developed using Single File Components

•             Builds complex features into apps with an adaptable architecture


•           Develops cross-platform, web, and mobile applications

•             The components are formatted in JSX (JavaScript XML)

•             Builds complex features with the help of state management libraries

The two trendy frameworks used in developing apps

Vue.JS has been used by many large corporations to build applications such as Adobe, GitLab, Alibaba, WizzAir, Netflix, NASA, and many more. 

There are also several apps based on React.JS like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Yahoo, PayPal and more. 


Both Vue.JS and React allow you to develop advanced apps. There are advantages and limitations to each based on business requirements. Choosing a framework should be based on your project's needs. The two JavaScript frameworks will help you build an eye-catching application.

Do you still have questions, why not speak to an expert? Wherever you go, make sure you use a dependable, trustworthy professional. 

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