Nov 14, 2022

Why web development companies use WordPress?

It often happens you get a client that lets you choose which technology you can use to create their website. Whether you’ve encountered such scenarios before or not, this article will show you that you don’t need to overthink.

“WordPress is used to power 39.6% of the internet. This figure has risen by nearly 5% since 2020 which was a 4% rise from 2019. Looking at websites built with a CMS alone, WordPress powers a whopping 64.1%. Currently, there are an estimated 64 million websites using WordPress”. 

Why WordPress is best when developing a website?

WordPress is an open-source software, meaning its free. It can build a website for your client at a lower price as there is no need for any license. Hiring a WordPress developer is easier and cheaper than a PHP developer.

With WordPress, it’s easy to find plugins for almost any functionality. So, if your client has a new requirement, then there is no need to develop the functionality from scratch. You can simply find the relevant plugin and install it on your website and voila! Note, WordPress offers both free and paid plugins depending on your requirement. Find the suitable plugin and ask your developer to install the plugin, test etc.

The most common reason why there are so many WordPress websites is simply because of the vast range of pre-designed themesthat WordPress offers. Something can be found within the current trends for almost any industry that is easily searchable. To top it all off, you can create a WordPress website using your chosen theme. Some themes are free or some may offer limited features with a free theme and some are paid (similar to how the plugins are offered).

There are other advantages with using WordPress. It’s SEO friendly! This means that the website you create will have a better chance of higher ranking in Google results and in other search engines. In some cases, your client may request specifically to make it more SEO friendly. If that’s the case, you’ll need to install an SEO plugin, which can make your website more ‘visible’. You don’t necessarily need an SEO expert for ranking higher, most of the time your developer can take care of SEO.

Last, but not least, WordPress security also ensures all websites on their platform are safe and secure at all times. Their specialist team monitors all websites and keeps them safe from hackers, malicious attacks, and various types of viruses. Think about if you’ll need to have added security on your website. If so, one can buy paid security plans that ensure your website is monitored more frequently.


There are countless website builders available in the market. But it does not mean they all offer what your online business needs. Either do your research or speak to an expert before you decide what is right. This will not only save you time, but future unnecessary costs. It all depends on your online business requirement and in most cases, WordPress is a better option for a wide variety of businesses.

In short, WordPress is truly the number one choice in most cases. Simply because it’s easy to use and doesn’t need help of SMEs and developers with years of experience to deal with any functionality. It works well for both the client and the developer. 

If you still have questions, why not speak to an expert? Wherever you go, make sure you use a dependable, trustworthy professional. 

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